At NICE interpreting, we specialise in providing language services in Polish, Romanian, Russian, Italian and Portuguese. We work with translators and interpreters, who not only understand language and culture, but have the technical background and experience of working in various public sector settings.

Our experience and quality have led us to work for public and private institutions, professionals and individuals from our community.

NICE interpreting is a pioneer in offering interpreting for individuals and professionals.
Our extensive experience in interpreting has enabled us to work with schools, academies, hospitals, health visitors, medical surgeries, police, social services, LA, letting agencies, legal services, DWP and others.
NICE interpreting has a great team of dedicated interpreters ready to assist our clients immediately after a booking process. All of our interpreters are experienced in their own specialised interpreting styles (professional interpreting, community interpreting, written translations).

Our services:

  • Promote equal access to majority of services in Hull for people who experience a language/communication barrier
  • Promote the best practice in a field of interpreting
  • Achieve the highest level of competence
  • Protect the privacy of all parties and confidentiality of information
  • Maintain professional conduct and compartment
  • Responsive services and an accessible registration system
  • A consistent, accurate and on time service to customers Value for money (Cost effective and competitive rates)