Professional Community interpreting

NICE PCI is a non-profit limited company facilitating public and voluntary sector access to locally based, qualified and experienced community interpreters. Community interpreting binds an English and non-English speaker in a meaningful exchange of information so both parties are empowered, the wider community is enriched and community inclusion is supported.

Our community interpreting service is provided across health, education and other public sectors to assist you in supporting your clients who have insufficient understanding of English, helping them understand processes, systems and events which impact directly on their lives at times of especial vulnerability.

All registered providers can easy log into our interpreters’ calendar and book a PCI service by using a button here (BOOK AN INTERPRETER). Alternatively we can arrange an interpreter for you just contact us through our contact form.

We also offer translation services into and from English through its member, both for individual texts and for proposed multi-language projects, and can offer expert advice on approaching such translations and on many other language issues.

Interpreters booked through NICE PCI are subject to quality assurance standards, DBS checks, Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions of Engagement and appropriate insurances.